2016 WaterCrystal Calendar

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It's been more than 20 years since the birth of water crystal photography. In 1994, the first water crystal was taken from micro-clustered water.
I can never forget the excitement and happiness I felt at that time. Since then, our laboratory staffs go into the cold refrigerator day after day to take frozen water crystal photos.
In this past 20 years, we have taken more than 100,000 water crystal photos, more than 20 books of water crystal related book have been out, and thankfully such books have been published in more than 40 countries.
I strictly selected the water crystals for“2016 Crystal Calendar” that are most memorable and meaningful for me in this past 20 years.
Every single water crystal is so special to me – water shows us with its crystal figures, the beautiful providence of its nature.
I would be most grateful and pleased if you could recall your feelings of gratefulness for water as you see this calendar.
Though we tend to forget the great benefits of water because water has been always with us so closely, we cannot exist without water.
And like the Earth, we are 70 percent water.
So, let us take it into our heart, offer our appreciation, and send love to water. If we change ourselves, our surroundings will change.
If our surroundings change, the world will change. So, let's pray for the peace on earth through water!
I wish your 2016 will be filled with love and gratitude and will be a bright year for you!
By Masaru Emoto (This message was written by Masaru Emoto for the 2014 calendar which was published in Japan.Some sentences were modified)

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